What am I?



Dear Reader,


I would like to thank you for taking out time to read what I write. Let me let you know, a writer is not much of anything without the reader. And it is only if you know bits of the person whose work you are reading.

I am Barnana Hemoprava Sarkar, my middle name being my late grandmother’s name. As my elders had told me, my name means ‘description’ in Bengali, and believe me I am last person who would probably take the task of describing anything to you. I am too lazy to do that. My friends, my special ones, my family, and of course, my teachers always say, “Try speaking once in a while, saves half the complication, you know!” Nah! Didn’t help. In fact, my crush practically ran away the time I told him that I like him. The guy never looked my way after that.

So, I prefer not saying all that is there. I prefer listening. Just as I was never a good violinist, or a good guitarist, but I can surely tell you things. I have a habit of playing the harmonica every time I am high or drunk or maybe just taking a walk. Anything. I like playing the harmonica, I guess…it’s easy. I would like to play the tin whistle someday, seriously!

You know, I was never the coolest person anywhere. I only had some good songs and a few good stories to offer. The ones who thought that was sufficient, hung around. The rest were the ones I chose to smoke some good weed with.

That’s more or less what I am. My profession, my work, that’s a separate section to deal with. It’s one crazy world there. And I get crazier every single day. So, go ahead, check out these artists I have got the opportunity to know. They are few of the best people I have known.