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Abhinandan laughed when I asked him about the band’s original composition. “Let’s talk about it fall 2017.” I was curious. I had listened to Jazbah, and yes that was the first song I had listened to. I had to know more.

Initially known as the Cynical Recess, quite a successful band in Calcutta, the band stuck to what the country follows to be main stream. The audience would ask for more of the common music directors. “In a country like India, which is so Bollywood based…people are more into film music.” As he rightly pointed out, the huge industry which drives many of the creative minds has always been a part of the common people’s livelihood. I remember listening to R.D.Burman’s Oh Haseena, and then I heard Abhishek sing it in a back drop of jarring chords. It was refreshing to hear the old song in the new generation’s sound.

SPUNK! began its journey while performing in schools, colleges, and various other festivals. The band was shortlisted for the global band competition Hard Rock Rising and also won Channel [V] Launch Pad in 2012. Their music gives a unique essence to the old Bollywood numbers we all grew up with.  “Hindi music has a more common mass effect”, everyone in one way or more has always related to Bollywood songs. They did what they liked to do. They added their own taste to Bollywood and gave every single cover an edge. The fast tracking sound and the resonating beats bring out the old songs as almost something to step up to for the new generation. And hence that is where the name comes in, “SPUNK!…something that you like doing.”

The band has not yet done any such international shows; however, they have a number of followers across USA, UK, Australia, Bangladesh and many more. In their original score Jazbah, the band paid a humble tribute to the Indian Air Force; their cover of Rahman’s Urvasi is as quick-footed as it could be; their videos are as outlandish as they can get, and they are always great to watch (do watch their official cover of Tum  Kahaan).

The band does not take part in reality shows; they keep things real and genuine. Okay, that sounds odd. What I meant to say was that the band believes that their greatest success is when the audience knows them, listens to them, and understands what they play. Maybe that is what made Abhinandan leave his high profile marketing job and shift all his resources to music. “It is everything to me, it is love, it is life, and it is passion unlimited.”

The band will be covering A.R.Rahman’s Vande Mantaram this Independence Day. “It will be a lot different.” It will have SPUNK!’s unique touch keeping Rahman’s genius composition intact. I am most certainly looking forward to it. However, I am quite sure that those who have been following the band are eagerly awaiting their original scores. All the more reason to look forward to fall 2017, to realize what SPUNK! actually feels like.


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