Every one knows who they are. Every one knows what they are.
I first came across this band two years back, when my friend in a way forced me to give their cover a listen. I am not too fond of covers, however, this time I was listening to something different. I was listening to a group of boys play like there were about a thousand heads popping out to only look at them; and the boys were playing such that the heads would not rest. 
The first time I attended one of their concerts I saw the madness that was in front of the stage, and at the back, and everywhere. The audience would not rest, the boys would not rest. No body was tired and the violin jarred with the bass. I suppose the band is pretty much realized by now. 
As told by the violinist, Bhaswar, the band’s music is radical. No, it will not change your life. But it will drive you, it will make you hop out to purchase that last ticket to the concert. Bhaswar rightly mentioned that the stage was what had made him perform throughout. I would say, that is the same for every one of them. Listen to their cover where they pay a tribute to Satyajit Ray. The basic turns and moves of the music and the sudden juggernaut of a crambled bass and a vociferous violin gives you the exact hit in the head. When covering Game of Thrones there is a sense of trance present in the layout. Their original track Middle Earth might sound like an amalgamation of Irish Folk, progressive polyrhythmic and a little punk. 
The band is performing all around and the audience loves them. They remain loyal to the audience’s preference sustaining their own recognized style. They bring out a fresh essence, a sense of the youth back to the audience. They are among those few artists in Calcutta you would like to keep getting back to. If Amartya, Projjwal and Abhishu are the song that you would keep with you, TRAP is the sound that you would keep playing. 
What charms me the most about the band is their bond. You barely get to see it. Bands transform and alter every once in a while. TRAP decided to stay with the core. Maybe the violinist is the face, maybe the drummer is the favorite, maybe the bassist is chosen out-yet, you cannot keep them as a separate choice. TRAP is a band which might be perceived as a band with no frontman. You absolutely have to love them all. 
And so the favorite line up remains:
Bhaswar Sen – Violin, Viola, Electric Violin, Arrangements and Composition.

 Ronnie “Ronn” Chatterjee – Guitar, Vocals, Sound Designing and Programming, Arrangements, Composition and Production. 

Suanjito “Bindo” Dutta – Drums and Percussion.

Anupam Pyne – Keyboards and Vocals.

Swaphabha “Popeye” Roy: Bass Guitars.

Band Management/Bookings: Soumadip Das
P.S: Also do not forget to check out their new number PRADOSAGAMA which is to be released by the end of July…



  1. Have heard them play a lot of time. A good follow up by the writer as well on them. Kudos to both


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