What else do I play?” Deep asked, “Are you asking me why I don’t sing?” 

As limited as my knowledge could be, I had barely given solo percussive acoustic music a listen, until I came across another FNO artist, Deep. And Deep told me that he has always been a confused soul, who would play randomly on the guitar who was only getting by. 

A pianist at a very early age and a guitarist at present, Deep’s music might be tough to fetch for some, but it is certainly something easy to rely on. I know that was a confusing statement. What I mean to say is that, you don’t always need words to come up with what you feel. You know that gap you leave in between words, that gap which remains quite priceless as not every one is given the opportunity to fulfil it-Deep’s music fulfils the gap. 

The SPAG artist, who gathers inspiration from where ever he finds fit, be it Igor Presnyakov or the Calcutta based band TRAP, his music becomes a part of what most would call growing up. “No…not the kind of growing up you know, like the one where a 26 year old grows up, too…” 

Deep tends to think of music better when playing alone. He doesn’t seem to try and get by with a grand show or the granduer which is usually known to be attached to a guitarist-he makes music the way he wishes to. Unlike the lyrical pieces, or a song, which have a broader social outreach, Deep’s music might often feel about what he has gone through. He re-creates songs on his guitar, tilting them a little with his own style. He uploads a new song every day (#guessthatsong) and a new song every week (#songoftheweek). He has played in several places which include Piano Man Jazz Club in Delhi and Bengaluru’s B-Flat Bar. 

Deep wishes to keep playing. A self-funded musician who is able to pay his bills with his music itself, he understands that every age has its own taste. He knows that an artist ought to supply what artist’s age demands, yet only a true artist can maintain the topsy-turvy balance. He would not judge. He would not blame. He finds hope in the music he plays. 

I cannot say anymore about the artist, as he is somebody who stands by himself. You can find out more about this musician on his Facebook page ‘Deep Phoneix’, and certainly on the YouTube channel of FNO. 


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